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Brie Flatbread                      12
roasted garlic·apple cranberry chutney·baked brie·flatbread

Chicken Quesadilla               10
grilled chicken·cheese blend·chipotle cream·poblano·sweet chili sauce

Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps      12
scallion·cucumber·bean sprouts·sesame seeds·soy-citrus sauce

Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls        10
grilled chicken·pepperoni·mozzarella·zucchini·buffalo sauce·gorgonzola

Spinach Artichoke Dip           10
spinach·artichoke·four cheese blend·tortilla chips

White Bean Hummus            10
cannellini bean hummus· zatar pita· roasted cauliflower· red pepper

Mango BBQ Tuna                  13      

ahi tuna seared rare· mango relish· bell pepper· mango glaze· scallion

Fish Tacos                             14

blackened mahi mahi· napa cabbage· radish red bell pepper· lime-cilantro crema· tortilla chips· guacamole


Teller ’s House Salad   7
bibb lettuce· gorgonzola· pine nuts· cranberries· raspberry vinaigrette

Chop Salad   7
romaine· cucumber· white cheddar· tomato· red onion· croutons· creamy herb dressing

Iceberg Wedge     7
bacon· radish· apple· grape· pecan· maytag blue cheese dressing

Caesar   10
romaine· croutons· shaved parmesan cheese

Avocado Chickpea   13
grape tomato· cotija cheese· arugula· cucumber· pepitas· scallion vinaigrette

Goat Cheese Salad    14
hazelnut crusted goat cheese· dried blueberries· spinach· arugula· apple·honey mustard

Steak Cobb Salad~    16
flank steak seared medium· romaine· avocado· scallion· bacon· gorgonzola· grape tomato· hard boiled egg· red wine vinaigrette

Cantonese Chicken Salad   14
grilled chicken· asian vegetables· toasted almonds· sesame miso dressing

Tuna Nicoise~  16
blackened ahi tuna seared rare· grape tomato· haricot vert· potato· artichoke heart· olive· hard boiled egg· balsamic vinaigrette


S.B.L.G.   13
cold smoked salmon· bacon· guacamole· lettuce· dill aioli· herb flatbread· salt and vinegar chips

Baton Rouge Wrap   11
blackened chicken· roma tomato· caramelized onion· lettuce· pepper jack cheese· chipotle aioli· dill fries

Country Club   10
turkey· bacon· lettuce· tomato· mayonnaise· toasted white bread· salt and vinegar chips

Romano Burger~   12
8 oz prime aged beef· leek confit· roasted tomato·bibb lettuce·truffle mayonnaise·pecorino romano·brioche bun·

dill fries

Flank Steak Torta ~  12
pickled onion· radish· arugula· cotija cheese·tomatillo sauce·talera roll· salt and vinegar chips

Short Rib Grilled Cheese   12
smoked gouda· brie· cabernet onions· rye toast· salt and vinegar chips

Pretzel· Mustard· Chicken    11
grilled chicken· white cheddar· grilled shallot· pickled jalapeno· bibb lettuce· honey mustard· pretzel bun· dill fries


Squash and Sage   11

roasted squash· cabernet onion· fried sage· pepitas· manchego· mozzarella

Florentine    12
spinach· pesto· tomato· feta cheese ·garlic chips· mozzarella

BBQ Chicken    12
grilled chicken· bacon· red onion· bbq sauce· mozzarella· pineapple· cilantro

Bolognese   12

sausage bolognese· red sauce· fresh mozzarella

Duck and Brie    12
duck confit· brie· apple· white sauce· arugula· balsamic glaze

Margherita    11
tomato· fresh basil· fresh mozzarella· parmigiano reggiano

Pasta Portfolio: (lunch size portions)

Cajun Farfalle    13
andouille sausage· shrimp· chicken· red pepper· cajun cream

Scallop Tocino  14
blackened scallops· angel hair pasta· spinach· mushroom· gorgonzola· creamy bacon dressing

Baked Pork Belly Macaroni 12   

five cheese sauce· caramelized onion· bread crumb crust

Drunken Chicken 12 

campanelle· chicken meatballs· zucchini· vodka tomato sauce· parmesan· bread crumb


 Lava Cake   6

chocolate· toffee crumbs· whipped cream

Coffee Crème Brulee   6


Peanut Butter Mousse   6

graham crust· ganache· caramelized banana

Apple Cobbler   6

apple· vanilla bean ice cream· caramel· hazelnuts



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